2008-01-06 02:21:19 by TheGimpsta

So it looks like Brawl is just around the corner for Japan, and when it comes out, all of us will finally get closure as to what secret characters will be in (as well as the confirmation of Tails! lol). First January 24th, then February 10th!

In other news, I'm going to Hawaii for two weeks starting Monday. It'll be my first time there, so I can't wait. I mostly want to relax while I'm there, since I've had a lot of stress lately what with me coping with the loss of my left arm, and recently finding out there's more tumor in my lungs. I just hope I can kinda forget about it and take a break from life.

Anyway, until next time!

P.S. Don't think because I only have one arm that I won't still pwn anyone at Smash Bros. =P



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2008-01-06 02:57:38

Tails in brawl? God I hope not. Though I'm still hoping that sonic was a big joke aswell.


2008-01-06 06:00:55

Tails would be nice as a assist trophy, but not as a character.