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Lung cancer? At your age? Well that sucks, hope you get better though, just don't lose hope yet.

Yea, I've had cancer since I was 15 (around 5 years)

That is very bad T_T I will always remember you and your great music though. I really hope it will heal. Hopefully the release date of brawl wont be extended so you can see and play brawl too. It probably wont be extended though, and good luck.

Thanks =) I hope it'll heal too.

please don't die. you aint old enough!

Have you tried alternative cures from other countries? America keeps you sick for as long as it can, it makes the disease "liveable" for as long as possible to milk from your insurance. but other countries have remedies that aren't showcased in america for obvious reasons....I'd try to look around for some on google.

I feel sorry for you.

Have fun with brawl, at least.

Thanks, but pleeeease don't feel sorry for me. I'm just another human being in life.

i...i dont know what to say,,, sorry :'(

It's alright, as long as people have read it it's fine with me.

That sucks... So bad, beyond what I can put in words. I can only say that I hope things change for you, and that the immunotherapy helps, or that something changes and the cancer goes into remission.

You should try going to church. Really, if you find the right church, they can help you. I have seen some miracles happen too. That's what you should be doing right now.

Don't give up man u still have a life to live! ^_~

Hope you get better soon


Hope so too...I'm mostly concerned about the pain part...not so much the death.

Personally just thinking positive about yourself and believing that you'll get better, despite whatever people tell you is the best way to get better. I've heard miracles happen for people by just by thinking they will get better over and over. Try it.

Yea I now. But I usualy write down my frustrations to make me feel a little better.
just need to vent sometimes.

Don't give up! If you don't believe you will be healed, you won't be. You're too young to die, keep fighting!

Don't lose faith yet! Even though I don't know you, I really hope you get better.

that sucks i HOPE you can recover!!!

i havn't played brawl yet =/
i want to play~
you are not dying...
matter of fact, people are all dying if you word it.
just the matter of time.
i am personally encouraged by your life.
and very jealous that first, you have super smash brawl and second, been to hawaii~ XD
well, good luck and have fun~
best of wishes~


Yeah, u don't think I can't see the lump in your shirt especially since i'm having it posted on MY website. OH, and congradatulations! You're the first visitor to my site!

oh my god. your only 20 and your dying? that, that sucks balls.
i hope you can get better....

Keep us posted, let us know how the new treatment is going.

Dude, don't die on the Newgrounds community now you hear.
I'm rooting for you alive.
If one NGer dies, we all die inside.

dont loose hope man!

My cousin died from diabetes when he was 21.
All I can think to say is live life to the fullest and have fun beating up all your favorite characters in Super Smash Bros. =)

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