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I'm sorry.


The world is full of shit I'll be meeting him soon one day life is short =(

I never got to know him, but my prayers go out to the family.

Rest in peace. You must have reached heaven. I sure hope so.

We will miss you ;(

I doesnt knew him, but i somehow feel sorry for him and his friends.

I hope he feels much better now.


T-this guy was one of my favorite audio artists....He was oneof my fucking HEROES.
He made such a difference in my life..
Why did he have to die?

to go through what he did at such a young age...

it takes more courage than any of us could ever have...

RIP Brian

Brian You were a legend on newgrounds and a legend in real life and legends live on forever RIP Buddy

Thats freakin' horrible, dying at such a young age. May you rest in peace, I really loved you...

his music shall live on ...


cancer is shit

Wait if hes dead who posted for him?

i am his sister, and i posted this blog. he put down in his will that he wished for someone to inform the newgrounds users of his death if he passed away.

Rest in Peace, man.
I'm so sorry I had to read this.

Man, thanks for all the help with my audio and everything. You were a good guy, may God Bless you.

potempkin...get a freaking life. im going to laugh when a family member of yours dies, then i posts a comment saying "deal with it" and you freak out. y'know, this dude's audio was awesome. potempkin...i am 12...years...old, and i know that you are a total dick. dont listen to him brian's sister. gimpsta's audio was awesome, and im gunna miss it. goodbye, gimpsta. R.I.P. and gimpsta sister, you show lots of support posting for him and all. that's awesome. good luck. R.I.P. once again gimpsta, R.I.P.

RIP, Brian... I got a link mailed to me to this page. May I take this opportunity to say two things;
1) He was a nice person, RIP;
and 2) I've been scrolling down the page looking and I have to say that potempkin and elllez3 are full of shit.

Rest in peace, TheGimpsta. You'll be missed.

We'll all miss you brian. We all hope that your in a better place. Rest in peace fellow newgrounder.

Man, huge bummer... to think one of his remixed songs is one of my favorites. He will be missed.

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